Content Creation

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Deep in the woods of northern Michigan, just about the time that people are starting to exchange their woolens for shorts, tiny white trilliums begin to spread over the forest floor. If you’ve never seen it before, it looks as though you’ve woken up to a world covered with fallen angel feathers. It’s hard to focus on anything else during this season, nor would you want to—the trilliums last only a few weeks, before they disappear as quickly as they came. The first spring I spent in the Keweenaw, those little white flowers worked their way into everything I wrote. I wasn’t writing about the trilliums themselves, but I was writing with the wonder and the trembling, moment-to-moment awareness they provoked. 

Content marketing has given us a new level of freedom to connect with our clients over absolutely anything. But this freedom can be paralyzing. Even when you know you have something great to share, you find yourself staring at the page, wondering what to say and how to say it.

Believe it or not, whatever’s exciting to you, right here in the present moment, has the potential to inspire and engage your audience. Whether you need help crafting content from scratch, or just need someone to tee up a few topics that will get you blogging again, I can help you dig below the surface to find the story that will resonate with your reader.  

Let’s make beautiful content together.