Chelsea Batten | Writer
Chelsea Batten | Writer
You have a story to tell. All you need is to find the words.
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There’s more to you
than what you do.

Your knowledge and skills are exceptional, but it’s your story that sets you apart—
how you got to where you are, why you persevere even in the tough times,
what gives you the greatest joy, where you dream of going tomorrow.
These are the things that people trust, remember, and relate to,
the things that make you stand out from everyone else.
But they are also the hardest things to share.
Telling your story takes courage.
Courage comes from finding the right words.

find the words.
Start Your story.

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You have a book inside you. Get it out.


Take your readers to a new place.

Publicity & Marketing

Sound as cool as you are


Show people how it felt.

Memoir assistance

Capture the story that gives shape to your life. 

Content Creation

Connect with your audience over what really matters.


Strengthen. Stylize. Simplify.

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"Chelsea has the truly unique ability to make you laugh, cry, and think about your existence all in a few short words. She brought our nonprofit's drab boilerplate copy to life with words that engaged our target audience. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Jonathan Zaidman | The Ecology Center
San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

“Chelsea is awesome: witty, creative, timely and one of most versatile copywriters I've worked with.”

Scott Williams | NxtLevel Solutions
Oklahoma City, Ok.

"My family was delighted to find Chelsea in time to help us to capture our elderly mother's memories of growing up in rural northern Wisconsin. Chelsea interviewed mom orally in such a warm and engaging manner that mom was able to freely tell meaningful stories of her life. Chelsea evoked stories of history, emotion and relationship that captured a picture of my mom's life very well. After the oral interviews, Chelsea transcribed them into a written document that our family will publish along with historical photographs. We are so thankful that we hired Chelsea to do these interviews while mom was still able to provide the details for an enduring family memoir."

Janice Narveson
San Diego, Ca.

"Chelsea has been a dynamic force in helping us discover our written voice. Because of this, our audience has grown and flourished. Let her help you go further better.”

Heady Coleman | Guthrie Chamber of Commerce
Guthrie, Ok.

"Identity is an important hinge-point of storytelling. Finding familiar fractals of ourselves in the stories of others, and deeply identifying with them through a keen sense of empathy, is the glory of good writing and great writers. Chelsea goes beyond the documentarian and rhetorical responsibilities of a good interviewer—she has a way of absconding with your heart by rewarding her readers with an elusive truth, a deeper message and sense of self."

Kevin Sterner | Brandpoet
Atlanta, Ga.

"Chelsea's innovative approach to writing is very refreshing. She has an enthusiastic style that connects well with people. Working with Chelsea is very satisfying--I have always found her communication to be professional, on target and transparent. She is responsible, goal-oriented, and passionate about every project that she is involved in."

Dave Grout | Timberline Team Consulting
Seymour, In.

"Chelsea created a storytelling promotion for our fundraising campaign that tapped into the heart of our mission. The stories she collected revealed all the different "whys" of people using the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and the value it brings to our community. The results of this campaign exceeded our expectations, with a 20% increase in donations and email open rates as high as 52%. We’ve since used these stories for grant applications, presentations, proposals and much more. The story-driven framework Chelsea created will serve our organization for years to come."

—Melody Daacon | Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County
Kalamazoo, Mi. 

“my book wouldn't be what it is without Chelsea's help. She's knowledgeable and passionate about her art form, and it shows. Whether it's elevating the writing or rewriting it into a superior form while staying true to the idea, Chelsea is a tremendous editor that I'll definitely hire again.” 

Nia Shanks | Lift Like a Girl
Paducah, Ky.

"Chelsea has been a lifesaver in my business. She designs content for my clients across a wide variety of industries, nailing each of my clients' signature tone and style. The content she produces helps them stand out in their field, and is always delivered professionally and quickly. I know that I can count on her, I'm grateful to have her, and highly recommend that you hire her to get your content done!"

Arielle Loren | Harvard business strategist
Miami, Fl. 

"As my podcast content manager, Chelsea helped me design interviews that elicited deep insights from top thought leaders in online entrepreneurship. Her content interview support has helped my podcast become a place for online business founders to receive not only practical advice, but to truly fuel their motivation for building a business (and life) they love." 

Amy Porterfield |
Carlsbad, Ca.

"Chelsea immediately grasped our mission and helped us create a unique but familiar voice that set us apart from other firms in our practice areas. As a result, we’ve been able to not only reach an underserved audience of potential clients, but also build relationships with them through fun, valuable content."

Jordon Harlan | Harlan Law
San Diego, Ca.

“I count on Chelsea to find each client’s signature tone and style.”

Trivinia Barber | Priority VA
Atlanta, Ga.

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My STory


Born in Michigan.
Raised in California.
Educated in Maryland.
Hitched in Wyoming.
On the road since 2012. 


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